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  • How does it work?

    When you first click Play, a window will open inviting you to connect to your preferred streaming platform. You should only need to connect once and then you’re free to start listening. Once connected, click Play to launch your playlist of choice. By clicking on the visual underneath the Play button you’ll have access to the playlist’s page with its accompanying story, a complete track listing, and links chosen by our editors to take you deeper into the world of the artists and their music (films, documentaries, books, articles, live sets, podcasts, etc.).

  • For which devices is Getup optimised?

    For computers and laptops, Spotify is optimised for Google Chrome and Firefox; Apple Music is optimised for Safari, IE, and Firefox; Deezer is optimised for Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE. On mobile, your webplayer won’t support Getup until we’ve launched our app (see below for more info). If you’re using your phone you will need to connect to your streaming platform and then you’ll be able to listen to playlists.

  • What technology are the developers using for the website?

    IDOL's team of developers have worked hard to create this site. It is designed to facilitate your experience by being both straightforward and user-friendly. Getup uses the interoperability standards that exist on the main streaming platforms (for now that’s Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer). Getup uses Apple Music’s Web Player (via MusicKit JS) and Web Playback SDK for Spotify, which allows us to create a new player and to play any audio track in the browser via Encrypted Media Extensions.

  • Is there a Getup app?

    Not yet! But that’s our next goal. We’re fully aware that in order to create a complete mobile experience, Getup needs to be accessible via an app. For the moment we’re advancing step by step, according to our means.

  • Is Getup only available in English?

    Yes, for the moment.

  • With which streaming platforms can I use Getup?

    To listen to Getup playlists you must have a subscription to either Apple Music, Spotify, or Deezer. If you’re not signed up with any of these services you can still listen to the first 30 seconds of each song.

  • Can I switch between streaming services to listen to my Getup playlists?

    Yes! All you need to do is click the icon you see in the top right corresponding to the service you’ve chosen, click Disconnect, then click the Connect button to listen via a different streaming service.

  • How can I see all available playlists?

    The homepage has a selection of playlists chosen by our editorial team, as well as the latest playlists uploaded to the site. To see all of our playlists, click on Collections in the top menu. They will then appear according to theme. You can change the appearance (mosaic or grid) by clicking on the icon in the top right.

  • How many playlists are there and how are they organised?

    Getup boasts about 80 playlists at its launch, spread across 16 themed collections (soon to be expanded to 25). After the launch, a new playlist will be released twice a week. In the New Sounds From collection (Chicago, Morocco, L.A., Tunis, Cairo, etc.), a further edition of each playlist will be released every 6 months. Very soon we’ll have 2 dynamic playlists updated every Monday. Best New Music – an eclectic selection of the latest and best in music with 40 songs featuring 3 to 10 new tracks each week; and Album of the Week – Getup highlights of the most exciting albums released during the week. And last but not least, we’ll have a special collection entitled Curated by Guests. Every 2 weeks someone with a strong link to music (musicians of course, but also directors, comedians, designers, architects, business leaders, intellectuals, top chefs, politicians, sports players, etc.) will share their playlist and the story that goes with it.

  • Which musical genre does Getup specialise in?

    Who cares about genres any more? In this crowded musical landscape, Getup is your trusted guide to all good music. We are committed to offering varied musical selections with a special feature: playlists are sorted by themed collections rather than by genre or by era. Deep cuts or new sounds; pop, world or classical; rarities or classic hits; mainstream or underground; major or indie: we don’t care! We just find the best music and play it to the best audiences. And if you want to get a deeper insight into a playlist, we select the best information from trusted sources (texts, podcasts, videos, etc.) to guide you further.

  • Can I create my own playlists on Getup?

    No. Getup is not a tool for creating playlists. Getup is made up of curated playlists and stories put together by our team.

  • Does Getup use algorithms?

    Getup playlists are algorithm-free. Guaranteed. We’ve gathered an extensive network of passionate flesh-and-blood curators, and their role is to craft unique playlists, tell stories to put them into perspective, and share their personal experiences. The only place you’ll find an algorithm is in the section “You might also like” at the bottom of playlist pages. The playlist visuals are generated by an app that has been tailor-made for Getup.

  • Who are the curators?

    Our resident curators are artists, producers, DJs, radio programmers, record dealers, journalists, and enlightened connoisseurs. They are from all different countries, of all genders and ages, and specialise in covering all the musical bases. They possess a vast knowledge of music and culture, have strong convictions, and know how to defend them with style. Above all, they know how to tell stories and love to share their passion. Click on Curators in the top menu to learn more about them.

  • Who did the site’s graphic design?

    The logo was designed by Pauline de Tarragon (better known as Pi Ja Ma) and Trafik (Pitchfork Festival, Red Bull Academy Music Festival, Philharmonie de Paris, etc.) took care of the artistic direction. Something to note: Getup is completely algorithm-free, with the exception of the album covers’ artwork. The playlist visuals are designed by a generative app made to measure for Getup by Trafik.

  • How much does it cost?

    Listening to playlists is free if you already have an account with Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer. Reading the stories that go with each playlist is free and available to everyone, whether or not you’re subscribed to a music streaming service.

  • Does Getup pay for music rights?

    Getup works by filtering your streaming platform. When you use Getup, you’re listening to music on Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer and they pay for copyright and neighbouring rights.

  • Does Getup make money?

    No, Getup is a nonprofit media. The digital distributor IDOL finances the project. Following the success of Pan African Music which in only 2 years has become the go-to reference for African Music updates, insights, and culture, IDOL Media seeks to continue reinventing music media in the era of streaming. Through this work they uphold their values of high standards, diversity, and integrity.

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