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About Us

IDOL, a long time advocate for indie music and global digital distribution innovator, launches Getup, an independent media outlet that fuses storytelling with curated playlists.

In a world of infinite sound, playlists dominate the airwaves of discovery. As the organization of that sound becomes algorithmic, overly optimised, and disembodied from the source, Getup proposes a flesh-and-blood solution for a richer musical experience. By offering playlists that tell a story, augmented with intimate written content from music experts, and organized thematically rather than by the rigid bounds of genre, Getup brings context and meaning back to your listening.

Whether it’s sitting back to cult classics and deep cuts, or diving into the history and lives of music and its fans, Getup is the answer for anyone with a passionate love for music. Filled with knowledge and references, Getup brings digital crate digging to the next level.

With over 100 playlists to date, and a commitment to releasing a new playlist everyday, Getup has something for everyone, building bridges between the Atlanta Trap scene, 60s classics and Baroque opera. No need for a new subscription. Getup connects automatically and free of charge to Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer premium accounts.

By combining trusted and rich musical content, editorial commitment, exclusive stories and an innovative user interface, Getup is here to reimagine tomorrow’s music media.

Our Team

Meet our curators team

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  • President & Founder: Pascal Bittard
  • Publication Director: Julien Kourbatoff
  • Editor-in-chief: Vincent Nayrolles (HiFi)
  • Lead Designer: Mathieu Lajoinie
  • Lead Developer: Antoine Lagadec
  • Artwork Design: Trafik
  • Logo: Pauline de Tarragon