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Rémi Benchebra

Journalist • France

Rocked in his cradle by rap from Marseille, Rémi grew up with Parisian rap and has been a close observer of the Lyon scene. Fascinated in equal measure by the rap powers of Maxo Kream as by BLVC SVND’s experimentalism, and Raury’s lightness of touch, he experiences a deep feeling of well-being when listening to Khruangbin and Lewis OfMan. After having done surveys for Les Echos and Usbek & Rica, interviews and reviews (video, audio, and in writing) for Radio Nova & Grünt, and becoming part of the editing team for Pan African Music, Backpackerz, and Ninkimag, he now joins Getup. As well as all this he writes biographies and press releases for French singers, Berlin electro producers and – of course – hip-hop artists.

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