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Pauline Richard

Pauline Richard was born in Paris three years after punk, during the very last days of disco. Growing up with three older sisters could have helped her forge a solid taste in music, but for a few notable exceptions (Gainsbourg, The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Elton John and The Ronettes), it didn’t. However the household was lucky enough to be granted cable TV as early as 1986, and being a rather quiet fourth child, she spent the next decade watching anything and everything on MTV, from Yo! MTV Raps to Alternative Nation. Having fallen in love with Pulp in the mid-’90s, she then benefited from the record companies’ fondness for fanzines and contributed to many short-lived titles such as The Blue Mirror or Splash while being a student at La Sorbonne university.

The openings of indie club nights in Paris, most notably at the Pop In, gave her the opportunity to share her love for dancing to obscure indie pop and one-hit wonders from the past fifty years. A job experience at a record distribution company and a never finished PhD later, she finally decided to grow up and get a job, luckily becoming a very happy English teacher. She lives in Paris with her boyfriend and two boys, and feels very awkward writing about herself in the third person. 

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