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Michaël Lemesre

Psychologist • France

Forever contaminated by the music virus when he first heard Billie Jean at 11 years old, Michaël spent his teenage, most of his free time and of his pocket money listening to every black american artist or genre he could get hold of in his small provincial town of Montélimar. 
From Prince to Oum Kalthoum, from Bomb Squad to Bill Laswell Axiom label, he never stopped to expand his tastes, namely after his first job as somehow « manager » of the arabic section of EMI Music Arabia in Dubai. Later, back to France, he was a manager for Zad Moultaka and Maalem Mahmoud Gania, while he also had started working with Bill Laswell (and consequently with artists friends such as Jah Wobble, Dr. Israel, and various related labels).
In the early 2000’s, he started a new collaboration with Alan Douglas, legendary American producer (until his friend passed away in 2014), reviving and running Douglas Records for him, and eventually, helped finishing Alan’s book project on Jimi Hendrix titled « Starting At Zero ». Michaël also worked for many years at assisting his friends (Stéphane Jourdain) of La Huit Productions to get their DVD releases to the public. Nowadays, while still helping a label friend (RareNoise Records) for promotion in France, Michaël is now doing something completely else, practicing  as a psychoanalyst and as a psychologist clinician in Paris.

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