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Martin Cubertafond

Parisian, consultant, teacher, wine enthusiast and ocean lover. After 30 years of digging, I start to realize that most of my music comes from the Americas, with an African heritage. Miles Davis is my hero, Sly & Robbie are my favorite rhythm section, Oum Kalsoum and Celia Cruz are the divas, Bobbito and Stretch Armstrong have been my hip-hop instructors. Too poor technically to djay at parties, I usually mix at the beginning, trying to send positive vibrations to the arriving crowd, while they sip a cocktail, test the buffet or… park their car. That’s why sometimes they also call me DJ parking. Specialized in slow to mid-tempo, or a little bit more, but never too much.

Since high school, my selections have been meant to make the audience travel, between continents and oceans, from this century to the other, and back, till you are lost.

Enjoy your cruise!

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