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Lorenzo Ottone

Lorenzo is a 22 year-old Italian-born, British-based journalist, DJ and photographer. He fled Italy at the age of 19 to study in the UK, mainly an excuse to see all those bands that never toured his country. His love for retro aesthetics and music (mainly ’60s and ’70s) mixes with an attention for everything new and exciting coming from the underground. A modernist – not because a mod, but because always on the hunt for the hip, constantly being inspired by the past to shape the future.

His main interests are subcultures and youth phenomena where fashion, music, arts and politics meet. Lorenzo currently attends a master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Bristol, contributes to several music and arts publications as a writer and photographer, and DJs for Mondo Erotico and La Décadanse nights. When not busy writing or studying, you’ll find him spending all his money on unknown European soundtracks or snapping pictures on film.

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