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Jacques Denis

A Journalist since 1991 (Le Monde Diplomatique, Libération, Géo, Nova, Jazzman, Vibrations...), Jacques Denis has held all of the positions in written press: from publishing to chief editor, from writing opinion pieces to portraits. Thus he often had to write about inequality issues (from housing to access to culture...), in particular, feature stories and international investigations. He is also the author of several television documentary films and has participated in several collective publications.

Since 1996, he has also been working in online media, where he has held all of the positions in the production chain. He has been responsible for event planning (“Les Gens du Net”) and also strategic consultancy on digital redeployment and transitioning for certain institutions (Réseau Culture Europe) and also as a member of the team for New Media Direction where he designed and produced a web documentary.

He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Solidarum website, dedicated to civic innovations in the field of social activism, while regularly contributing to the music section of the daily newspaper Libération, the bi-monthly photo magazine Fish-Eye, and Pan African Music online magazine.

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