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Georges Derval

Journalist • France

Even though I grew up listening to my parents’ wonderful music, going from 70’s funk to 80’s British rock, I didn’t start digging music on my own before my mid-teenage years. But better late than never. I quickly fell into Tame Impala’s psychedelia and Midlake’s melancholy, before diving into Joy Division’s madness and the mesmerising electronic rhythms inherited from Chicago and Detroit (this list is non-exhaustive).

This ever-growing passion led me to contribute to several musical media outlets including Trax Magazine, Sourdoreille, and now Getup. With time I have realised that the artists behind my favourite records intrigue me almost as much as the records themselves. To tell their stories I have interviewed Peter Hook, Tony Allen, Jeff Mills, Caribou, Metronomy, and many more.

Now I’ll keep telling stories on Getup and I hope you’ll enjoy my playlists – they’re made with love.

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