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François Renoncourt

Journalist • France

Working as an engineer in real life, François spends most of his time dealing with his other life, where he attempts to reconcile journalism, DJing, dance, and photography. After having his mind blown at the age of 15 by Laurent Garnier during his very first live tour in 1998, he quickly sharpened his ears with the electro music available over the airwaves at that time. All of this led him to co-host a local show and an illegal online radio dedicated to the genre in all its forms.

Active in Lille’s music scene in northern France, in the mid-2000’s François played behind the decks with his group, and organised electronica concerts between techno and drum’n’bass parties. Although he comes from the electro world he swears by his eclectic taste, and translates his passion for music into writing reviews and interviews for webzines such as electrOne, TheClubbing, Mowno, and Pan African Music. Long may we groove!

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