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Félix Panhard

Dj • France

Felix DJed whilst studying Art History, Philosophy, and Music Technology at McGill University in Montreal. Against all odds the 3am curfew for clubs in the city proved to be an opportunity for musical experimentation. For Felix it opened the gates to organising and playing in open and creative unlicensed DIY parties in the city’s industrial suburbs. These secretive basements, cellars, and lofts became a haven for developing an eclectic taste, which would soon find its way onto the airwaves of the local community radio station N10AS.

Back in his hometown of Paris, he has worked for the record shop Balades Sonores and has recorded shows for Radio Campus, Le Mellotron, and the newly born Radio Sofa.

Whether it has been through playing shades of Detroit techno, early trance, EBM and acid house in clubs, or compulsively filling mixes and playlists with anything from Syd Barrett to Yves Tumor, Stroom to Numero Group or ambient to dub, he always shares curious and daring music with a particular proclivity for all things electronic.

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