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Elodie Sophie

Born in Paris suburbs, raised on reggae artists such as Bob Marley and Alpha Blondy, sometimes with a soft touch of Sade, Elodie has always been surrounded by music from an early age and has naturally dived into it. She started writing articles and developing contents for French hip-hop medias 12 years ago (Genius France, SURL, Backpackerz), extending at the same time her curiosity towards other genres: latin urban music, alternative R&B and UK rap scene.  In 2019, she instinctively decided to gather her music curiosity into sets and began DJing confidentially. She regularly travels to New York where she used to live and to many places around the world, never forgetting to bring new influences to her playlists.
Fun fact: believe it or not, she works in HR during the day, switching to her music passion at night.

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