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David Commeillas

Journalist • France

David Commeillas wrote his first record reviews in the 1990s, fulfilling his teenage dreams of writing for the legendary rap fanzine Get Busy (which later became Authentik), and the eclectic Swiss monthly, Vibrations (where he became deputy editor in 2009). His passion for music gave him the opportunity to see the world and to travel. A lover of traditional music as well as modern multicultural styles (rap, dancehall, Afrobeats, etc.), his favourite destinations are Africa, the Caribbean and the United States. A freelance journalist for Le Monde Diplomatique, Les Inrocks, Libération, Ragga, Radio Nova and France Inter, he has also made several music documentaries and podcasts for Arte Radio. As part of a report in Burkina Faso, he met the singer Victor Démé, whose three albums he then co-produced. Today he is the artistic director of the Chapter Two label at Wagram.

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