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Christian Askin

Accounts Manager • United States

Christian was born on a fire red moon. After a brief misadventure as an outcasted love-child, he soon found himself in the company of a loving family in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. It wasn't until Christian stared into the embers of a dying fire on a damp desert night that he realised he was meant to use his gift for words to inspire wonder into the heart of man. Not all gifts are given freely, and though the Gods were generous with wordplay, Christian had to reckon with the heavy and brutish nature of life in an industrialised society. With the sweet birdsong of love in his heart, Christian crossed the oceans is search of something more profound hiding under the carpet of life. Alas, there is nothing but hardwood floor, and this age-old hope, though well-intentioned, was a naivety that died kicking and screaming. Fortune would have it that Christian's long held talisman, given by a native elder of his village in his childhood, gave Christian the clue to scratch the Tablas of music and see what might be heard. The ring-tings and bang-bongs echoed in a choir of awe. Raindrops of sweet thick honey poured on streets of lavender jelly. It was then Christian found the Getup platform and invoked with the fierce spirit of God began to write essays and create playlists to share with the world. 

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