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Benua Carles

The Mandarin lime-curaçao cocktail of music!

Well, ok for the tenth time, I’ll spell it out for you: how to make the best “Benua Carles”. Get close! First pour one third of history. Be careful: a tiny third. Good. Now, one third of passion. Maybe add more. Alright. Then a good third of creativity. Now look at the color. Isn’t it so pretty? And finally, add a big third of music. There you go!

Some will object that it makes four thirds, but you don’t listen to them. They are fools. Everything depends on how big the thirds are!
Deejay, programmer, journalist, producer, publisher, radio host, digger, artistic director, creator and cook... Benua knows well how to mix the ingredients to please any audience.

He created the Rythmix label in 1997 for which he produced the series Trip Do Brasil: 5 albums, 15 maxi-singles, and more than 300 shows around the world.
“Mandarin”? This is for his “9-to-5 music professional” side.
“Lime”? For his preference for sour-tasting music with guts. Sounds that make you sweat.
“Curaçao”? For his appetite for world music, first Brazil and Cuba, then Africa and particularly the Nigeria-Ghana couplet, Egypt and Lebanon, Indian and Southeast Asian sounds...


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