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Aurélia Grossmann

Aurélia Grossmann started to work in major music labels and left to become a musical supervisor for Ad & Features, where she got the chance to work with directors such as Xavier Giannoli, Olivier Assayas, Érick Zonca, Trần Anh Hùng and Rupert Sanders... while djing in clubs in Paris, Monaco, Morocco and on radios such as Radio Nova and Générations.

Later, while she was a cultural advisor for the French Channel La Cinq, Grossmann won the 2005 Emmy award for Best interactive program of the year with CULT, before taking the head of the music video department at Partizan, producing Michel Gondry, Nima Nourizadeh, Surface to Air, Stephanie Di Gusto and many more, taking home both the MTV award for Best video of the year and the AD club music video first prize in 2006 for the first Justice music video.

Backed by her successes, Grossmann went on to produce the publicly and critical acclaimed TV series Les Lascars (“Rascals”) for Canal+ and Melanie Laurent’s Cannes nominated first short, before taking up feature film production as a partner within the independent firms Manny films linked to BAC films; producing Blind Valley with Jean-Hugues Anglade and Gilles Lellouche and All Together with Jane Fonda, Geraldine Chaplin, Pierre Richard, Claude Rich, Guy Bedos and Daniel Brühl.

She then launched a new production company, Asio Films. Surrounded by a close team of trusted collaborators as committed as she is, both on the technical and artistic side, she likes to get involved every step of the way to make sure the story meets its full potential. Since then, she’s working on developing features including Ludovic Houplain’s, as well as documentary films, and producing ad films for luxury brands at H5 Studio and at Asio Films.

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