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Aubin Stephant

Music Supervisor • France

Aubin Stephant was born in 1991 in greater Paris. A passionate music fan since childhood, his adolescence was full of the music of mods and rockers, before his tastes began to open up to more experimental sounds. After finishing school he studied law in Paris before concentrating on his real passion. He set up a business doing sound at big events for luxury brands, as well as a range of other organisations. He has collaborated with a number of sound designers to create fashion shows both in Paris and abroad.

He is interested in creating immersive playlists that evoke characters, situations and places, and he is inspired by films, books, and still images. The stories told by these selections allow for more than a simple, literal interpretation, because the music carries the imagination away. As a true curator, Aubin Stephant prefers to work with raw material, where the songs have had little reworking or retouching. The stories within his selections, much like in any collection, are built through continuity as much as discontinuity. His personal tastes bring together a wide selection of sounds covering experimental works, but also pop, with some influences from folk, and traditional music.

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