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Yann Le Frit

My insatiable curiosity for music and sounds quite obviously comes from my Brazilian mother,  whose line of work allows kids to discover music, sounds, and movement. Being raised between two cultures clearly had an important impact on my tastes. What most catches my attention are hybrid sounds and genres, improbable mixes between styles, unpredictable syncretisms. It's this appetite for fusion that led me to start my own music collective and label, Curuba, that mixes electronic music with organic sounds and inspirations from all around the world.

This search for the unheard, the weird-but-not-so-much is also what guides my work as a DJ, a producer and a sound designer. New experimentations, new forms of expression, DIY aesthetics have lately been the points of convergence of my digging hours, combined with a specific interest in understanding the roots of modern music.  

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